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Framtagen för allra bästa bildkvalitet

När bara det bästa är gott nog. Och när du tycker det är viktigt med bra bildkvalitet. Både EOS 5DS och EOS 5DS R har en upplösning på 50,6 megapixlar och ger dig massor av möjligheter. Nu har du dessutom chansen att få något lite extra om du köper EOS 5DS eller EOS 5DS R. Erbjudandet gäller bara hos vissa utvalda återförsäljare.

Meet Photographer Tiina Puputti

Tips from Tiina

Nordic nature, we have light again

Nordic nature was my inspiration for these images of Mila. I love to shoot people in location and to use wide angle lens. With wide angle lens you can use create composition of model and surrounding in various ways, you can create strong diagonal lines and you can use foreground to create three-dimensionality (first image).
I also like to use fixed lenses in portraiture. 85 mm 1.2L

Is one of my favorites. I like shallow depth of field that it creates and it’s sharpness (second image).

In this session I wanted to keep my lighting equipment light and portable, so I had only two Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT’s with me.


In this session light condition was direct sunlight and I had two Canon Speedlites as additional light sources. I placed Mila so that direct sunlight is behind her. This way sunlight creates rim light. And model can keep her eyes open.

Direct sunlight is so powerful that I needed all power from Speedlites. That’s why I didn’t use any light modifiers. I placed another Speedlite as main light, appr. 45 degree angle on models’ right (direction of camera), pointing to model.

Another Speedlite I used as fill light, and it was placed behind me. To fill light I attached ½ CTO. Filter which comes in the Speedlite kit. CTO filter modified fill light to a bit more warmer color Temperature, and I prefer warmer tones in model’s shadow areas in portraiture.

Photography chose me, and it has become passion. Photography has always something new to offer. You can always explore and learn new things. And passion becomes greater.I’ve used Canon products since 1995, so basically Canon camera is ”extension of my arm”.

Operating system in Canon is logic and you can easily find features from camera. I also like that you can modify features and have custom menus and buttons so the use of camera in you personal use is made just for you. With customized menus and buttons you find important features fast. For me that’s important when I shoot people. I can totally concentrate on model and situation.

When you want to improve your images, you can improve visual, storytelling and technical quality.

In technical point of view sharp image is result of high-quality lens and camera sensor. Canon EF L serie lenses and 5DSR provide that quality. To have best quality equipment and understanding how to use them, you can develop your images and achieve better quality in technical point of view.

For me image quality is about visual, storytelling and technical. Combination of all the them gives the best result. High quality in all of them gives that famous WOW –effect among viewers.

Canon Professional Service

Har du hört talas om CPS (Canon Professional Services)? CPS är en tjänst för yrkesfotografer och filmare som använder Canons produkter. CPS erbjuder många olika fördelar och ger dig viktig information och nyheter om dina produkter och firmware-uppdateringar. Om du köper en EOS 5DS eller EOS 5DS R har du kvalificerat dig för ett CPS-medlemskap.

Läs mer om CPS här

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