Canon Nordic Professionals

  • Northern Action

    Known as Northern Action, the Finnish duo specialises in adventure and commercial photo and videography. They focus on modern, high quality images while playing with colours and perspectives.

  • Johnny Haglund

    Johnny Haglund was 14 when he fell in love with photography. He spent a lot of time in the woods and wanted to capture with images what he saw in nature. The mentality of a documentary photographer was present from the beginning.

  • Susanna Hynynen

    Finnish photographer Susanna Hynynen specialises in touching family and baby portraits that have an intimate atmosphere. She captures delicate moments between parents and their children that seem private and personal, magically omitting the presence of the photographer and the studio.

  • Hallvard Kolltveit

    Hallvard Kolltveit fell in love with photography in Hawaii while doing his BA. The combination of action sports, mountains rising straight up from the ocean and the vibrant colours simply took his breath away.

  • Tom Svensson

    Tom Svensson is a conservation photographer specialised in working against illegal trade. He wants to fight against the injustices and the horrors carries out against animals around the world. As his weapon are striking images of the majestic animals shot in their natural environment, protected and respected.