Canon iR 2200i

iR 2200i

The iR2200i is a multifunctional digital device which prints at 22 page-per-minute.It also features Print, Copy, Scan and Send functionality, which makes seamless workgroup collaboration a reality.


  • Intelligent functionality – iSend, iReceive, iCopy
  • Smart software and service solutions
  • Remote User Interface
  • Powerful finishing capability
  • Scan once print many
  • Secured print and mailbox

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A complete end-to-end platform with built-in network connectivity

The iR2200i is the definitive document imaging, integration, and delivery solution for small and corporate workgroups. The iR2200i will revolutionise the way in which individuals manage and communicate information, ideas and knowledge—regardless of the form, content or the location from which it originates. Leveraging the vast power of corporate networks and the Internet, the Canon iR2200i makes seamless workgroup collaboration a reality by allowing workgroup users to deploy all forms of information with unprecedented speed and unparalleled convenience.

Multifunction Has Never Done So Much for So Many

The only thing more impressive than the technology Canon puts into the iR2200i is the productivity you get out of it. Without having to sacrifice ease for high performance, the iR2200i delivers features that far exceed the capabilities of most stand-alone devices on the market today. Best of all, users and administrators are provided with all the necessary tools for quick and intuitive operation of all device functions.

Your Central Communications Hub

With a 10GB Hard Drive and 192MB of RAM, the iR2200i offers a 22-page-per-minute speed to meet the needs of any busy small or corporate workgroups and departments. In one fully integrated device you get advanced digital Copying and Mail Box capabilities, exceptional network printing and scanning, powerful Super G3 Fax capabilities (optional), and one of the latest breakthroughs in Canon long history of digital innovation…Universal Send™ technology. With Canon proprietary RAPID Fusing System, ™ the iR2200i provides quick, on-demand operation that virtually eliminates the long warm-up periods typically associated with conventional devices, and helps reduce energy consumption costs. A compact design brings powerful features to your workgroup, without compromising office space.

Superior Image Quality Is Always Standard

Canon world-class leadership in image quality is standard on the iR2200i. Capturing images at true 600 x 600 dpi resolution, the device delivers superior output quality at 1200 x 600 dpi interpolated resolution for copy and an astounding 2400 x 600 dpi in print mode, offering the most reliable reproduction of documents on the market today.


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