Iiris Heikka

Canon Nordic Photographer, Finland

What type of photographer are you?

I shoot portraits, documentary shots, landscapes, nature, fashion, commercial, events, own art projects and life in general. Basically I shoot everything that makes sense to me.

What are your favorite motives?

I want to show how I see the world through lenses with interesting colors, compositions and details. If I can make the people who see my pictures aware of something new it makes me happy. When it comes to portraits I want to give voice to people who I find fascinating in some way by taking their photo.

Which products do you use today?

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV body and various lenses. 

Can you tell us about a photo moment which you will never forget.

I was shooting a portrait series of people wearing no-makeup in studio portraits. One person came to the studio with a wig but out of the blue took the wig off and said: "Actually, I don’t need this". It reminded me how powerful photography can be.

Can you give an advice to someone who wants to develop in photography.

Live and do your thing. Best photos happen when your life is in contact with the photos you take. Photos that are taken just for taking photos often lack a second level of understanding. I think the beauty of photography happens when photographer has her or his heart in the game. Shoot photos that really matter to you. Don’t be afraid of technology. Don’t let anyone tell you something or someone is not worth a photo. Listen to your own voice and push the button.