Canon EMEA Ambassador Programme

Meet Canon brand Ambassadors in the field of photography and videography from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Meet our Ambassadors

Read Canon Ambassadors' stories and learn from the experts in the field.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Abdulaziz Adel Alsorayai.


    Abdulaziz Adel Alsorayai

    Born and based in Kuwait, Abdulaziz initially planned to be a mechanical engineer before developing a passion for photography. Since then, he has developed a successful career as a commercial photographer and videographer, working with a wide range of clients. He now specialises in the food and beverage industry.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Adam Trzcionka.


    Adam Trzcionka

    Specialising in wedding photography and based in Krakow, Poland, Adam captures the client’s special day in a creative, documentary style with a combination of black and white and colour images.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-ahmet-polat-headshot


    Ahmet Polat

    Ahmet Polat is an ICP-award-winning photographer and director. Through his photography and fieldwork, Ahmet aspires to build bridges between different cultures, identities and histories. Having worked in Turkey for more than 20 years, he returned to the Netherlands in 2015, and was made Laureate Photographer of the Nation that same year.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-aida-muluneh-headshot


    Aïda Muluneh

    Ethiopian photographer Aïda Muluneh is the founder and director of Addis Foto Fest, East Africa’s first international photography festival, and is a celebrated artist too with permanent collections held at the National museum of African Art/Smithsonian and The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Aleksander Nordahl.


    Aleksander Nordahl

    A passionate freediver and underwater photographer, Aleksander initially documented humans freediving, focusing on their explorations and spearfishing. Now, he works within nature and environmental photography, capturing wildlife under the sea. His work also includes still life, photojournalism, and images that are more abstract in scope.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-alessandro-trovati-headshot


    Alessandro Trovati

    Milan-based Alessandro has developed a reputation for bold, imaginative, and evocative sports imagery, satisfying a demand from both news and advertising agencies.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-alexander-hassenstein-headshot


    Alexander Hassenstein

    Ever-present at all the world’s major sporting events, and staff sports photographer at Getty Images, internationally-celebrated German photographer Alexander has an enviable reputation for always getting the killer shot.

  • pro-ambassador-alexandros-grymanis-headshot


    Alexandros Grymanis

    Alex, who lives in Athens, Greece, studied photography at one of Greece’s leading colleges and has been travelling the world since 2009, working with the action sports industry’s leading brands. He has recently moved into track and field sports, and now works with a variety of clients from different industries.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Alicja Zmysłowska with a dog.


    Alicja Zmysłowska

    Alicja's two biggest passions are dogs and photography and she has combined these into a career as a professional dog photographer. Based in Poland, she shoots artistic images in which dogs and other canines are her models, pictured in beautiful landscapes.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-aline-deschamps-headshot


    Aline Deschamps

    Aline is a Franco-Thai documentary photographer and videographer, based in Beirut. She concentrates mainly on subjects linked to identity issues, including gender, migration and cultural heritage.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Aljoša Aleksej Rebolj


    Aljoša Aleksej Rebolj

    Born in Slovenia, Aljoša started out as an actor and television host before pursuing a varied career as an editorial, advertising and theatre photographer. He now shoots and directs commercial work for a variety of clients.


    Ana Gregorič

    Ana is a creative wedding photographer who aims to amaze her clients with her images. Working with her partner Luka, she shoots weddings throughout Slovenia and internationally. Her work also includes fashion and beauty editorials for magazines including Elle and Grazia as well as commercial assignments.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Annika Haas.


    Annika Haas

    Based in Estonia, Annika is a documentary and portrait photographer whose personal work has focused on members of smaller communities or sub-groups within wider society. Her images have appeared in prestigious publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Der Spiegel.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Askar Bumaga.


    Askar Bumaga

    Born in Kazakhstan, Askar is the country’s most renowned wedding photographer, celebrated for his ability to capture intimate moments with artistic flair. With his unique blend of creativity and technical skill, he has shot over 500 weddings around the world and has been featured in publications including Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Benjamin Thouard holding a camera in the water.


    Benjamin Thouard

    The ocean has been central to Ben’s life since his childhood in the south of France. A keen surfer, he moved to Tahiti aged 22 and developed a career as a world-leading surf photographer. He has also produced two fine art photography books expressing his personal vision of the ocean.


    Brent Stirton

    This South African documentary photographer’s powerful images challenge us all to do something about the difficult scenes he captures.


    Bruno D'Amicis

    Fascinated by the natural world, photographer Bruno holds a master's degree in biology. He specialises in mountain ecosystems and endangered wildlife and uses his work to explore the relationship between humans and nature and to highlight the importance of conservation.

  • A photo of Canon Ambassador Burak Günaydin with a Canon camera on a tripod.


    Burak Günaydin

    Burak, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, is a director who works on films, documentaries, music and sport videos, branded content and commercials. His films have been awarded prizes at national and international festivals and he has worked for a range of well-known commercial clients.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Çağla Çağlar.


    Çağla Çağlar

    Born and based in Istanbul, Turkey, Çağla’s wide-ranging work in the film and television industry has included directing TV series, movies, commercials and music videos. Her most recent short film is Minval (2016), a drama for which she was the writer, director and producer.


    Camilla Ferrari

    Based in Milan, Italy, Camilla works with both images and video to explore themes including the ambiguity of perception and the poetry of everyday life. She combines her personal projects with editorial and commercial assignments and her work has been published by National Geographic, The New York Times and others.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Cem Talu.


    Cem Talu

    After an academic career in his native Turkey, Cem began a new life as an advertising, fashion and portrait photographer. He now also directs commercials and documentaries, often making use of alternative perspectives including timelapses and 360° photography and video. His work is regularly published in major fashion magazines.


    Carmen & Ingo Leitner

    Carmen & Ingo Photography are a husband and wife team based in Austria. Sharing a love of travel, they have been working internationally as destination wedding photographers since 2006.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Chiara Negrello.


    Chiara Negrello

    Chiara, born in Italy in 1995, is a documentary photographer and videographer who focuses primarily on social themes involving women and communities, while travelling the world. Her work has been published by magazines including The New York Times, National Geographic, El Pais and Der Spiegel.


    Chris Fallows

    Born in South Africa, Chris is a fine art wildlife photographer with more than 25 years’ experience. He is best known for his iconic great white shark images and intimate wildlife photographs shot in all three realms – ocean, air and earth. His approach and techniques bring drama and emotion to both his underwater and terrestrial imagery.

  • Canon Ambassadors Christine Sonvilla and Marc Graf


    Christine Sonvilla & Marc Graf

    Christine and her partner Marc are Austrian photographers and filmmakers dedicated to nature conservation, wildlife and raising environmental awareness. They have travelled to many countries to cover a wide range of species, from Arabian oryx antelopes in Oman to cougars in the Florida Everglades. Their work has won numerous awards.


    Clive Booth

    After 20 years as a graphic designer, Clive decided to follow his lifelong ambition of becoming a photographer and filmmaker. He’s now in constant demand for his atmospheric fashion, beauty and portrait imagery.

  • Canon Ambassador Dani Connor holding a Canon camera in a snowy landscape.


    Dani Connor

    Born in the UK and passionate about wildlife and photography since childhood, Dani’s career began in 2020 when she filmed a family of orphaned red squirrel kits in Sweden. The video went viral and since then she has developed a successful career in wildlife photography and video.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Daniel Ehimen


    Daniel Ehimen

    Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Daniel joined the film industry as a cinematographer in 2014. Since then, he has worked on short and feature films, and he made his directorial debut in 2017. He has also worked on commercial projects for a number of high-profile international brands.


    Daniel Etter

    Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel is a Barcelona and Hamburg-based photojournalist whose hard-hitting photos consistently appears in the world’s most prestigious news publications.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Donatella Nicolini.


    Donatella Nicolini

    Donatella is an Italian portrait photographer based in Milan, and she specialises in classic studio maternity portraiture. Her signature style blends fashion photography with fine art portraiture. Her awards include the Societies of Photographers' Maternity Photographer of the Year award in 2020.

  • Canon Ambassador David Bernard has a successful wedding photography business based in the Czech Republic and also takes on a range of other photographic work including portrait, sport and commercial assignments.


    David Bernard

    David has a successful wedding and event photography business based in the Czech Republic and always aims for people to feel like he’s part of the event, so that they’re relaxed when he photographs them. He also takes on other photographic work including sport, industry and commercial assignments.


    Eddie Keogh

    British sports photographer Eddie has shot a huge range of action-packed events and offers eye-opening new perspectives on whatever he’s captured.

  • Cinematographer and Canon Video Ambassador Elisa Iannacone holding a Canon Cinema EOS camera.


    Elisa Iannacone

    Cinematographer, author and speaker Elisa has worked across six continents for outlets including BBC World, National Geographic and Newsweek. Her documentary and conflict work has informed her magical realist take on drama and art. Elisa also founded Reframe House media agency to shift views on social justice through multimedia.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Ellie Rothnie.


    Ellie Rothnie

    An internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer and a tour leader, speaker and competition judge, Ellie has an enduring love of bird and animal portraiture. She has photographed in her native UK, mainland Europe, East Africa, Japan, Central America and the USA, and her use of natural light, backgrounds and foregrounds creates elegant and timeless images.


    Emmanuel Oyeleke

    Emmanuel is a versatile photographer influenced by fine art and documentary styles. His work covers a broad range of genres including weddings, fashion editorial and advertising campaigns for international brands. He is based in Lagos, Nigeria.


    Evely Duis

    Dutch photographer Evely finished her second photography education in 2017. Since then, she has developed her career as a conceptual fashion and portrait photographer and now has a long list of commercial and editorial clients around the world.


    Evgenia Arbugaeva

    A National Geographic Society Storytelling Fellow whose work has been exhibited internationally, Evgenia's atmospheric photography mainly focuses on the landscapes and people of her homeland region of the Russian Arctic.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Fabio Bucciarelli.


    Fabio Bucciarelli

    Fabio's visceral images of global news events and their humanitarian consequences captured over the past 15 years have established him as one of today's leading international photojournalists. His work has been recognized with numerous high-profile awards, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal.


    Fabio Mirulla

    Spontaneity and creativity combine in the work of this wedding photographer based in Tuscany, Italy. His awards include the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers' (ISPWP) Photographer of the Year 2019 and This is Reportage Photographer of the Year 2019.


    Fernando Guerra

    Coming from a family of Portuguese architects paved the way for Fernando Guerra to become a bold architectural photographer with an archive of exceptional shots of contemporary structures.


    Finbarr O'Reilly

    An independent photographer and writer based in Dublin, Ireland, Finbarr is a regular contributor to The New York Times. He won the Portraits category in the 2019 World Press Photo contest and the 2006 World Press Photo of the Year.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Florian Roser.


    Florian Roser

    Specialising in high-quality commercial and lifestyle photography, Florian is based in Stuttgart, Germany. He says he’s “obsessed with cars, proper drinks and vintage ads”. He’s the co-founder of creative agency Roserbrothers, whose clients include major car manufacturers and fashion brands.

  • Francesca Tosarelli


    Francesca Tosarelli

    Documentary filmmaker Francesca is a visual journalist focusing on social issues, conflicts, gender and migration reportage. Her documentaries have been produced by Al Jazeera English, Arte and Canale 9. She also works as a producer and DoP for the Wall Street Journal, Rai Cinema, BBC, Al Jazeera Arabic, Yahoo News, Discovery Channel and others.


    Franck Seguin

    An experienced French sports photographer who is also editor-in-chief in charge of the Photo Production department at SAS L'Équipe, Franck has shot a huge variety of different sports, specialising in freediving.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador George Maschalidis.


    George Maschalidis

    George, from Athens, Greece, is the founder of Photo Contest, the largest photography community in Greece with over 25,000 members. A professional freelance photographer specialising in weddings, commercial and event photography, he has worked with a number of internationally-recognised brands. George also loves street photography, landscapes and astrophotography.


    Guia Besana

    Guia is an Italian-born, Paris-based portrait photographer whose work often focuses on women’s issues and the theme of identity.


    Gulshan Khan

    South African photojournalist Gulshan's work focuses on social justice, human rights, identity and culture. She is a National Geographic Explorer and contributor to Everyday Africa.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Heidi Rondak.


    Heidi Rondak

    Working for commercial clients as well as high-profile magazines, Heidi is a freelance fashion photographer and video director based in Berlin, Paris and Stockholm. In recent years, her work has won several prizes in the fashion category of the Fine Art Photography Awards.


    Helen Bartlett

    London-based portrait photographer Helen uses black-and-white photography in natural settings to perfectly capture the unique spirit in every family she works with.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Ian Hippolyte.


    Ian Hippolyte

    Colour, style and visual impact are all central to the work of this London-based photographer. Ian shoots his distinctive images for a range of commercial and editorial clients including leading fashion designers, clothing brands, musicians and glossy magazines.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Igor Demba.


    Igor Demba

    Born in Portugal and based in the UK, destination wedding photographer Igor aims to create “relaxed and emotive” images with a strong sense of adventure. He was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar. He also educates photographers on levelling up their photography artistry and businesses.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Iiris Auroora Sjöblad.


    Iiris Auroora Sjöblad

    Iiris is a freelance filmmaker and photographer who lives in Helsinki, Finland. She works as a director and a cinematographer and has shot and directed documentary, short fiction and commercial films. Her photographic work has included celebrity portraits, photojournalism, commercials and personal projects focusing on aspects of the natural world.


    Ilvy Njiokiktjien

    A much-lauded Dutch documentary photographer, Ilvy has worked all over the world, taking photographs for NGOs and major global publishers.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Ionut Macri.


    Ionut Macri

    Based in Bucharest, Romania, Ionut is one of the country’s most in-demand advertising photographers. He has over 25 years’ experience of producing visuals for major national and international brands and runs Macri Studio, which was named one of the Best 200 Advertising Photographers 2023-24 by the influential Lürzer's Archive magazine.


    Ivor Prickett

    Widely exhibited and widely prized, Irishman Ivor has been covering events in war-torn countries for years, most recently exclusively for the New York Times in Mosul. His growing body of work reflects his professed interest in the humanitarian consequences of the aftermath of war.


    Jaime de Diego

    Jaime is among Spain’s best action photographers, with over 15 years’ experience of working for an impressive variety of international brands and publishers.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Jan Stria.


    Jan Stria

    Jan is a photographer, adventurer, traveller and nature lover from the picturesque region of Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic, and he has photographed beautiful landscapes, impressive wildlife, macros and portraits. For the unique atmosphere his photographs exude, Jan does not hesitate to sacrifice comfort, giving his images personality and "soul".


    Jaroslav Monchak

    Ukrainian portrait and fashion photographer Jaroslav plays with light to create natural shots, yet teases the scene with subtle story-telling to add an extra dimension of interest.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-jerome-gence-headshot


    Jérôme Gence

    Raised in Réunion Island, an overseas region of France in the Indian Ocean, Jérôme took his first photographs in 2015. Since then, his photo stories on the impact of digital technologies in the lives of the people he photographs have been published internationally.


    Jérôme Sessini

    Jérôme has covered some of the most significant news stories of the past 20 years, filing images from conflict zones such as Kosovo, Syria and the Ukraine.


    Joel Santos

    Portuguese travel photographer Joel Santos has a knack for capturing compelling and unforgettable imagery, and his adventurous nature also means he eagerly embraces new technology.


    Jonas Classon

    An award-winning Swedish photographer who specialises in photographing birds around the world, Jonas aims to use his work to strengthen the bond between people and nature.


    Jorge Ferrari

    Based in the United Arab Emirates, Jorge has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years. Specialising in action and commercial work, he shoots everything from big sporting events to corporate work and portraits.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-julia- blumenthal-gil-gropengiesser-headshot


    Julia Blumenthal and Gil Gropengießer

    Known for their lively, atmospheric and honest style, German duo Julia and Gil are destination wedding photographers who love nothing more than exploring breath-taking landscapes and capturing the connection between two people on the best day of their lives.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Julia Roger-Veyer.


    Julia Roger-Veyer

    An adventure and sports photographer based in Chamonix, France, Julia has a passion for mountainous environments and, in her words, “the play of light, the atmosphere and the texture of the rock, snow and ice”. She shoots sports such as mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing, skiing and snowboarding.


    Julie Pike

    Best known for her fashion photography, Julie lives in Oslo, Norway, and works with major names in the Scandinavian and international fashion and lifestyle industries. She is renowned for her strong narratives and poetic touch.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassadors Katarzyna Brońska-Popiel & Jakub Popiel.


    Katarzyna Brońska-Popiel & Jakub Popiel (Malachite Meadow)

    Based in Kraków, Poland, Katarzyna and Jakub run a successful wedding photography company which they launched in 2010. Since then, they have photographed hundreds of weddings and their style combines elements of reportage, portrait and fashion photography. They also regularly teach photography workshops and speak at conferences.


    Katya Mukhina

    For the last decade, professional photographer Katya has been hailed as one of the top wedding photographers in the world, thanks to her distinctive shots in amazing locations.


    Laura El-Tantawy

    A British-Egyptian photographer based in London and Cairo, Laura has produced a series of long-term documentary projects that are both lyrical and socially engaged. She was a 2020 recipient of the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Grant. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, including in The New Yorker, National Geographic, Time and Le Monde.

  •  A headshot of Canon Ambassador Laurence Geai.


    Laurence Geai

    A freelance photojournalist based in Paris, Laurence began her career in 2014. She has focused on armed conflict in the Central African Republic, Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine, Ukraine, as well as the refugee crisis in Europe. Her powerful work has been published in Le Monde, Paris Match, Washington Post and others.


    Lieve Blancquaert

    Belgian Lieve is a documentary photographer who has gained recognition for her sensitive and engaging approach to difficult subjects.


    Lorenz Holder

    Multi Red Bull Illume award-winning photographer, Lorenz, based in Freising, Germany, specialises in images of action sports combined with landscape and architectural photography.


    Łukasz Skwiot

    Łukasz is a Polish sports photographer with a passion for football and American football. He has covered several international matches. He also shoots studio portraits of sports stars.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Luka Vunduk.


    Luka Vunduk

    For Luka, photography is an expression of his natural curiosity and allows him to explore "the interplay between the outer landscape and my inner landscape". He lives in Slovenia and embarks on photographic expeditions internationally in his desire to continuously explore the world's most beautiful places.


    Magnus Wennman

    Magnus is one of Sweden’s most successful photographers, having worked in over 60 countries and is best known for his photojournalism.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Mara Saiz Gomis.


    Mara Saiz Gomis

    Mara, based in Madrid, is a fine art photographer who specialises in creating emotional images of people – particularly women and children. “I currently define myself as a photographer of souls,” she says. Her work has been exhibited both in her native Spain and abroad.


    Marc Aspland

    Brit Marc is chief sports photographer at one of the biggest daily newspapers in the UK, The Times.


    Marcel Mettelsiefen

    BAFTA and Emmy award winner and Academy Award-nominated Marcel is a director, cameraman, photographer and producer with a background in photojournalism. He has photographed in Syria more than 25 times, and is the co-founder of zenith, a German magazine about the Middle East and Arab world.


    Marco Longari

    Italian-born Marco has travelled widely in his photojournalistic career, particularly covering stories in Africa and the Middle East. He currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he is head of photography in Africa for Agence France-Presse (AFP).

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Maropeng Vushangwe.


    Maropeng Vushangwe

    Maropeng is a film director and director of photography who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked across Africa, Europe and America in television, film, music videos and advertising, and holds a Master in Fine Arts from AFDA in Cape Town.


    Martin Bissig

    Combining his three greatest passions; travelling, biking and photography, Swiss born Martin is an internationally renowned bike photographer with an enviable client base and large network within the sports industry.


    Martin Christ

    For over 25 years, German cinematographer Martin has travelled all around the world in search of new stories to tell. He shoots features, documentaries and commercials for various production companies, accumulating numerous awards for his work throughout his career.


    Marina Cano

    Celebrated Spanish nature photographer Marina specialises in African wildlife and her work has been exhibited all over the world.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Marisa Raquel Casqueira Vitorino Martins holding a Canon camera.


    Marisa Raquel Casqueira Vitorino Martins

    Passionate about families, Marisa, based in Lisbon, Portugal, specialises in shooting natural, spontaneous documentary-style family sessions and weddings. She was named one of the Top 10 Photographers in the World 2022 by international photography community This is Reportage: Family.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Martina Warenfeldt.


    Martina Wärenfeldt

    Swedish photographer Martina specialises in beautiful, atmospheric fine art portraits that take inspiration from paintings by the Old Masters. She has won over 100 awards for her work, including Portrait Photographer of the Year in Sweden for three consecutive years.


    Massimo Sestini

    One of Italy's most renowned news photographers, Massimo began his career in the 1980s and has since covered a number of major international news stories. His awards include second prize in the General News category of the 2015 World Press Photo contest.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Mathieu Courdesses.


    Mathieu Courdesses

    Mathieu is a French wildlife photographer dedicated to using his photographic skills and expertise in nature to raise awareness about the world’s endangered species. His subjects have included mountain gorillas in Rwanda, orangutans in Sumatra and the brown-maned lions of the Kalahari Desert.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Matic Borković.


    Matic Borković

    Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Matic is a film director and executive producer at 8Production. He is constantly looking for great stories, which he and his team craft into visually stunning motion pictures. Always trying to deviate from the expected, he specialises in high-quality corporate videos, commercials and social media work.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors


    Maxime Aliaga

    Maxime is a French wildlife photographer who travels the world to help organisations working in nature conservation. He is also a wildlife technician and assists with scientific studies in the field.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Meeri Matilda Koutaniemi.


    Meeri Matilda Koutaniemi

    Meeri is a Finnish photographer, journalist and filmmaker who was born in Lapland and now lives between Finland and Mallorca. In her work she focuses on human rights, especially from the perspectives of identity, activism and integrity. She has documented stories of resilience and survival in more than 70 countries.


    Menna Hossam

    Menna is an Egyptian fine art and fashion photographer whose imaginative work is inspired by myth, fantasy and visual storytelling.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-michel-d


    Michel d'Oultremont

    Born and raised in Belgium, Michel was fascinated by the natural world from an early age and became a professional photographer in 2016. He won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Rising Star Portfolio Award in both 2014 and 2018.

  • Canon Ambassador Mohammad Murad photographing a cheetah.


    Mohammad Murad

    Mohammad is a wildlife photographer with a special interest in bird photography. His striking and creative work, mainly shot in his home country of Kuwait as well as several countries from Europe and Africa, has won him prizes in numerous high-profile wildlife photography competitions.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Morgane Gielen holding a Canon camera.


    Morgane Gielen

    Inclusivity and diversity are central to Morgane’s lifestyle and fashion photography. Born in 1994 and based in Belgium, she divides her work between editorial and commercial assignments. She is also the founder of the No Babes Agency, which represents models, make-up artists and stylists who share her vision.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Mor Tzidon.


    Mor Tzidon

    Mor is a photographer, retoucher and creative art director based in Tel Aviv, Israel whose work includes both editorial and commercial assignments. She has also worked with many of Israel’s A-list celebrities while establishing her distinctive brand, and has a passion for making eye-catching art.


    Muhammed Muheisen

    Born in Jerusalem, Muhammed is a two-time Pulitzer winning photojournalist and founder of the Everyday Refugees Foundation. He has been documenting the world's refugee crisis for over a decade under the theme ‘smile in the middle of the rubble’.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Naim Chidiac.


    Naim Chidiac

    A Lebanese sports and action photographer currently living in the United Arab Emirates, Naim is also a professional skier and kitesurfer. He has covered hundreds of extreme sports and motorsports events around the world and his portfolio is filled with spectacular action images.


    Nanna Heitmann

    A German/Russian documentary photographer, currently based in Moscow, Nanna's work deals with isolation and how people react to, and interact with, their environments. She received The Ian Parry Scholarship Sunday Times Award for Achievement in 2019.


    Nanna Navntoft

    Contemporary social and mental health issues are examined in the personal work of this Danish documentary photographer based in Copenhagen. Nanna also shoots commissioned portraits for editorial clients both in Denmark and internationally.

  •  A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Nico Schaerer.


    Nico Schaerer

    Nico graduated from the School for Art & Design in Breda, Netherlands, in 2002. Now based in Zurich, Switzerland, he is a sought-after advertising and editorial photographer with a portfolio of Swiss and international clients. "Finding unique perspectives is my passion," he says.

  • PRO


    Nicolai Deutsch

    German filmmaker Nicolai specialises in underwater filmmaking, highlighting nature across the globe. The experienced diver finds joy in exploring the mysteries of the ocean, and creates captivating videos that provide the rest of the world with a new perception of life in the waters.

  • Canon Ambassador Nina Zimolong holding a Canon camera.


    Nina Zimolong

    An internationally acclaimed photographer based in Cape Town, Nina is recognised for her exceptional work in the realms of fashion, commercial, and fine art photography. She has earned a reputation for capturing extraordinary moments and crafting captivating visual narratives.


    Pablo Laguia and Ana Gómez

    Inspired by documentary and fashion photography, Pablo and his wife Ana's destination wedding and elopement photography has simplicity, spontaneity and sincerity at its heart. They currently live in Alicante, Spain.


    Paolo Pellegrin

    Italian star Paolo is behind some of the most astonishing humanitarian photography of the last three decades, documenting conflicts around the globe.


    Paolo Verzone

    Italian photojournalist Paolo is known for his long-term documentary photo projects, which have been featured in publications such as Time, Newsweek, The Sunday Times Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

  • pro-canon-ambassadors-pascal-maitre


    Pascal Maitre

    French-born photojournalist Pascal records traditions, conflicts and politics in Africa. His 2012 book Amazing Africa collected his favourite images from over 30 years.

  • Canon Ambassador Paweł Uchorczak holding a Canon camera


    Paweł Uchorczak

    Landscape images of an almost other-worldly beauty are Paweł’s specialism. Originally inspired to take up photography by the countryside around his hometown of Opole, Poland, he has since developed a career as a professional landscape photographer and mainly works around Poland and other European countries.


    Phill Magakoe

    A South African township-born photojournalist, Phill began his career in 2007 and is now a freelancer for the international news agency Agence France-Presse. He has covered a wide range of events including the funeral of Nelson Mandela, the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, national elections, the aftermath of natural disasters and international sporting tournaments.


    Pie Aerts

    Based in the Netherlands, Pie uses his work to examine the intricate relationship between humans, animals and the natural world, to find out why we seem increasingly disconnected from each other and from our natural environment.


    Piotr Małecki

    Pioneering Polish documentary photographer and videographer Piotr produces stunning images and works that are published in leading newspapers across the world.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Prelena Soma Owen.


    Prelena Soma Owen

    An award-winning Indian wildlife photographer born in South Africa, Prelena focuses on endangered species, and she hopes her images are viewed as tools for change, inspiring others to take action for the planet’s preservation. With a background in environmental science, Prelena aims to portray a world that is not just worth preserving but fighting for.


    Radomir Jakubowski

    German Radomir specialises in nature photography, celebrating the shapes, lines and colours of the flora and fauna of northern and central Europe.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Raïs de Weirdt


    Raïs De Weirdt

    Belgian destination wedding photographer Raïs has photographed over 200 weddings, been published internationally and won over 100 photography awards, including the Federation of European Professional Photographers' Young Photographer of the Year 2021. She is also a jury member, keynote speaker, guest writer and a board member of the Belgian Association of Photographers.

  •  A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Richard Heathcote.


    Richard Heathcote

    In a long and successful career, UK-based Richard has covered numerous major sporting events including several Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup tournaments. His awards include being the overall winner in the 2020 World Sports Photography Awards.


    Richard Walch

    German action sports photographer and filmmaker Richard relies on his precision and creativity to produce head-turning images of extreme sports and sailing.


    Robert Marc Lehmann

    Robert is a German nature conservation photographer and filmmaker. A graduate marine biologist and scientific diver, he has worked in more than 100 countries and dived in every climate zone. He was named National Geographic Photographer of the Year in 2015.


    Samo Vidic

    Sport, adventure and commercial photographer Samo is driven by a desire to achieve and create images that defy the odds for clients such as Red Bull and Getty.


    Sanjay Jogia

    With 30 SWPP and 31 WPPI awards to his name, Brit Sanjay is one of world's most decorated wedding photographers. Known for his balance of posed and unposed images that are bursting with emotion and charm, he shares his expertise through lectures and workshops around the world.

  • Canon Ambassador Santi Palacios holding a Canon camera.


    Santi Palacios

    Santi is a renowned Spanish photojournalist and editor-in-chief of Sonda Internacional, whose hard-hitting work focuses on migration, conflicts and human ecology and has been published in major magazines and newspapers worldwide. He has been recognised with prizes including a World Press Photo award and Spain’s National Photojournalism Award two years running.


    Sascha Hüttenhain

    Creative and technically accomplished lifestyle, fashion, advertising, dance and portraits all feature in the diverse portfolio of this German photographer based in Frankfurt and Siegen.


    Sébastien Devaud

    Sébastien shoots video for major broadcasters in his native France, as well as producing commercials and music videos for clients across the globe.

  •  A headshot of Canon Ambassador Sébastien Salamand dit Le Turk.


    Sébastien Salamand dit Le Turk

    Sébastien, known professionally as Le Turk, is a photographer, director, set designer and set builder who creates highly imaginative fantasy images and films inspired by classical art, burlesque and cinema. He has published two collections of photographs: Opera Mundi (2015) and La Garenne du Prince (2022).

  • Canon Ambassador Seibou Traoré holding a Canon camera.


    Seibou Traoré

    Based in Ivory Coast, West Africa, Seibou is a versatile photographer whose extensive work includes fashion, reportage and advertising, but he mainly specialises in celebrity portraits. A Canon certified trainer since 2019, he was the official photographer of the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire for 11 years (2011-2022).

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Stefanie Glinski.


    Stefanie Glinski

    Based in Turkey, Stefanie is a photojournalist focusing on conflicts, humanitarian crises and natural disasters and her work regularly appears in the world’s leading publications. She has worked all over the world, most recently covering conflict in Ukraine and Gaza, events in Afghanistan, and climate change in Somalia and Kenya.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Stéphane Granzotto.


    Stéphane Granzotto

    A professional filmmaker and photographer focusing on nature and based in France, Stéphane has made over 40 documentaries for French and global television companies. As a photographer, he is especially interested in the underwater world and has published fine art books on sperm whales and orcas.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Stine Heilmann.


    Stine Heilmann

    One of Denmark’s leading contemporary photographers, Stine learned her craft by working with legendary figures including Annie Leibovitz and Irving Penn. Her work has a distinctive, clear and truthful aesthetic and spans a range of genres, from advertising and corporate work to portraiture and documentary.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Szymon Dudka.


    Szymon Dudka

    Based in Warsaw, Poland, Szymon is a film director and director of photography who started by shooting music videos. Since then, he has mainly focused on commercial work for high-profile brands in the health & beauty, sports & leisure and automotive industries.


    Tania Freimuth

    Tania is a cinematographer and photographer, with films streaming on Amazon Prime, BBC and NOW (Sky TV). As an educator and mentor, she supports and encourages new entrants to the industry. Her work has garnered recognition at BAFTA qualifying festivals, most notably a nomination at Underwire Film Festival for best cinematography.

  • A headshot of Canon Ambassador Tanya Aizikovich.


    Tanya Aizikovich

    Tanya was born in Kishinev and emigrated to Tel Aviv as a child. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Photography and a Master’s in Film and Television, she is an accomplished multilingual documentary filmmaker and cinematographer committed to exploring issues of human rights, social justice, and themes of identity.


    Tasneem Alsultan

    Documentary photographer Tasneem focuses on gender and social issues in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Her 2015 project Saudi Tales of Love brought her widespread international acclaim.

  • A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Tomáš Třeštík.


    Tomáš Třeštík

    Tomáš is a Czech photographer and photography teacher based in Prague, specialising in portraits and advertising. He works for leading Czech advertising agencies and magazines but also likes to photograph everyday life in the city, on his travels and is well known for shooting portraits of both famous and non-famous people on his studio balcony.

  •  A headshot of Canon Ambassador Tristan Schäfer holding a Canon camera.


    Tristan Schäfer

    Tristan is a creative director and entrepreneur running companies specialising in content creation and documentary filmmaking, based in South Africa. A hybrid shooter, his photography and videography range from commercial and documentary work to wildlife and fashion and everything in between.


    Ulla Lohmann

    German documentary, expedition and adventure photographer Ulla is always looking for incredible opportunities to pit her wits – and her cameras – against the elements.

  •  A black and white headshot of Canon Ambassador Valentin Bianchi.


    Valentin Bianchi

    Belgian photojournalist Valentin started as a freelance photographer in 2009. His work focuses on both long-form reportage and news, with a particular interest in issues related to minorities and the forgotten. He also collaborates on newspaper covers and portraits. His work has appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic, Le Monde and The Washington Post.


    Vladimir Rys

    Born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, Vladimir has been a professional sports photographer since 1996. Since then he has covered sports, reportage, portraiture and commercial photography but has specialised in shooting Formula 1 motor racing since 2005.


    Wanda Martin

    London-based but with roots in Hungary, Wanda’s saturated and romantic images grace the pages of major fashion magazines, style bibles and music magazines alike.


    Yagazie Emezi

    Yagazie is a Nigerian artist and self-taught photojournalist whose work focuses on stories surrounding African women and their health, sexuality, education and human rights. Having worked extensively across Africa, Yagazie also covers stories on identity and culture, social justice, climate change and migration.


    Yasmin AlBatoul

    Based in Batna, Algeria, Yasmin completed a professional diploma in photography in 2017 and is now a freelance photographer, specialising in food and product imagery.


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