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Want to understand how Canon camera features and lens technologies can help you capture that perfect shot? Wondering how to use flash to make your work stand out and which printers are the best to showcase your photos? Infobank is the right place for you to learn all that and more.


Discover the technologies behind the Canon gear and learn how to use advanced techniques to enhance your photography. Select one of the categories below to reveal the in-depth articles on that subject.

Recommended guides


    EXIF and metadata: your essential guide

    Everything you need to know about EXIF, from how to view shooting information in photos to how to remove it or add metadata with Canon apps.


    Which Canon cameras have which features

    A handy guide to which Canon cameras have which features –weather-sealing, IBIS, Animal Eye Detection AF, a Vari-Angle screen and more.


    Grunderna i att använda kamerablixten Speedlite

    Lär dig hur du beräknar blixtstyrkan för perfekta exponeringar och hur du använder alternativen för automatisk blixt i Speedlite-blixtar för att göra jobbet åt dig.


    All about Autofocus (AF)

    Find out about Canon's autofocus (AF) systems, how they work and the AF options available.


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