Canon makes CDP's 'A List' in two categories

London, December 9, 2020—Canon's environmental initiatives have been recognised by the international environmental non-profit organisation CDP¹, based in the United Kingdom, in the fields of climate change and water security, and awarded a spot on the CDP's A List in both categories.

The CDP evaluates major companies worldwide on their efforts to tackle climate change. Evaluations are based on information disclosed in response to questions sent to the companies regarding such topics as climate change and water security. This is Canon's second time earning a spot on the A-list in the climate change category, having first made the list in 2016, and its first time in the water security category.

Under its Action for Green environmental vision, introduced in 2008, Canon aims to strike a beneficial balance between enriching lifestyles and protecting the Earth's environment. Focusing on the key objectives of realising "A low-carbon society," "A circular resource society," "Elimination of harmful materials" and "A society in harmony with nature," Canon strives to integrate these efforts with business operations and apply them throughout the entirety of the product lifecycle.

Canon set a goal of annually reducing lifecycle CO2 emissions for each product by 3%. In 2019, the company has successfully achieved a total reduction of 40% and an average reduction of approximately 4.7% a year for the period between 2008 and 2019. In addition, the company achieves its water resource management objectives through such measures as maintaining a closed wastewater system at production sites. Furthermore, data on Canon's greenhouse gas emission levels, energy usage and water usage are also verified by a third party. Based on these programmes and ongoing efforts, Canon has received high praise and been awarded a spot on the CDP's A-list for both of the above categories.

Canon's Action for Green environmental vision aims to realise a society that promotes both enriched lifestyles and the global environment through technological innovation and improved management efficiency. Throughout the entire product lifecycle, Canon continues to expand activities with its customers and business partners to reduce environmental burden in pursuit of this environmental vision.