Posterizer Enterprise Software

Posterizer Enterprise Software

Océ Posterizer Enterprise software is designed for large retailers that want brand control, responsiveness and accuracy in their point of purchase retail signage. With our solution, POP materials are designed centrally for maximum corporate control but produced in the stores for maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Océ Posterizer Enterprise software is part of an Océ total solution for decentralized printing that also includes printers, service, ink, media and professional services.


  • With Océ Posterizer Enterprise software for on-demand retail signage, your promotional displays are:
  • Always compliant to your corporate style
  • Professional looking
  • Timely
  • Cost-effective Three components of the Océ Posterizer Enterprise workflow make it fast and easy to produce professional retail signage.

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Using the Océ Posterizer Designer module, your central marketing department defines a campaign master template by positioning and configuring fields for all necessary data such as text, price, images, price formula, etc. All branding elements and sensitive information can be locked at this stage, to prevent further editing.

Manual or automated entry

Your local stores can access the available master templates and manually enter product information to produce a new poster on-the-fly. The local store can also link the master template to a product database and automatically create a batch of posters.

Automated printing

The Océ Posterizer Print Manager module manages all printing steps, and optimizes printer and media usage.
With Océ Posterizer Enterprise software, your stores can print exactly the poster they need - with the right corporate content - in just a few clicks.

Expand the possibilities with options for Océ Posterizer Enterprise software

Chart Updater automates the distribution of master templates to the stores.
Batch Creator automates printing of routine jobs. This customized utility can, for example, trigger the creation of new price tags as soon as a price is modified in your back-office database.
Flyer-to-Poster makes it error-proof for a store to print posters that exactly match promotionals details printed in your chain weekly or monthly flyer.


Océ Posterizer Enterprise is currently available in France and Italy. Availability in other countries is not defined at this moment.

Use Océ Posterizer Enterprise software in combination with the following Océ printers for optimal point of purchase results

Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer
Océ TCS300 or Océ TCS500
Océ CS2424 or Océ CS2436

Additional software to boost your productivity

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